About us

Elektro Zweifel & Co was founded in March 1980 by Josef Zweifel, in Kirchberg SG.
In 2002 the company changed into a private limited company, the Elektro Zweifel & Co AG.
Today the management is composed of the two sons Peter and Rolf Zweifel.

At the moment the Elektro Zweifel & Co AG employs about 15 employees and apprentices and is regional active in the sector of electric installation.
In addition the company has been active in the sector of automation for machines and production plants worldwide for 20 years
An important thing for us is the job training of young professionals in the sector of electrical industry.
Every year we offer an apprenticeship as an Elektroinstallateur or a Montage-Elektriker and we impart a widespread job training to our apprentices.